Arad Open Prizes

ELO 2301-24001000500200
ELO 2201-23001000500200
ELO 2101-22001000500200
ELO 2001-21001000500200
ELO 1901-20001000500200
ELO 1801-1900800400200
ELO 1701-1800800400200
ELO 1601-1700800400200
ELO 1401-1600600300200
ELO 1201-1400500200100
ELO <1201300150100
Arad players450300200150100
Seniors >65 ani600400200
Lucky Loser50
Prize fund of over 45.000 Lei. Prizes are Tax free

Vados Chess Club players U16 si U12: trophies and medals for first 3 places on each category, boys and girls separately

Prizes are netto (organizers will pay taxes separately), are guaranteed no matter how many players are entered and will be shared by Hort System only on general standings for the number on prizes announced

Arad U1900 Prizes

 Loc 1Loc 2Loc 3Loc 4Loc 5Loc 6Loc 7Loc 8
ELO 1701-1800600300
ELO <1701600300
Children <14 years500300200
All prizes are in Lei.

Arad U1600 Prizes

 Loc 1Loc 2Loc 3Loc 4Loc 5Loc 6Loc 7Loc 8
ELO 1301-1450500300200
ELO 1150-1300500300200
Elo <1150350200100
Children <10 years20010050
Children <12 years400200100
Children <14 years500300200
All prizes are in Lei.

Children Tournaments – U8 and U10

PRIZES: for each of the first 3 places (boys and girls separately) at U8 and 10 categories: trophies, medals, diplomas and prizes in chess products – to choose from on the values: 1 – 300 lei; 2 – 150 lei; 3 – 100 lei

Diplomas for all players.

Best coaches: 1. 350 lei; 2.- 250 lei; 3.-150 lei; 4. – 100 lei; 5. – 100 lei

The prizes for best coaches is awarded by total points of the students players (best 4 results). Coach-student realationship must be announced at the start of the tournament and confirmed by the player.